Global pioneers of environmentally friendly lubricants, air-conditioning and automotive service equipment. 

Ariazone International Pty Ltd

Ariazone International Pty Ltd became part of  The ROC Group in June 2006. This business was seen as complimentary to the existing business and a conduit to increase our market share.

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The Refrigerant Oil Company Pty Ltd

The Refrigerant Oil Company Pty Ltd is the parent company that sits at the top of The Roc Group and was incorporated in 1997.

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Our Companies

"The ROC Group has an unique range of products, which are backed with technical expertise and commitment that is unsurpassed."
- Bob Clark, CEO of the ROC GROUP

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Ariazone is a long established manufacturer of air conditioning service equipment with Headquarters involving manufacture, service backup and spare parts as well as customer assistance on A/C service issues.

Ariazone International Europe was established in January 2007 & has manufacturing operations in Macedonia.

Both these companies wholly owned subsidiaries of The Refrigerant Oil Company Pty Ltd ( The Parent Company).

The company was established in 1997 to revolutionize the air conditioning market with a newly released lubricant using polyalphaolefin as a base rather than the traditional PAGs and Esters.

Manufacturing is at the company headquarters at Tullamarine Victoria Australia.

The product is accepted world wide by the automotive after market with distribution reaching over 70 countries.


Board of Directors

Frank DiMattina, Chairman
Michael Harrington, Director

Executive Management

Bob Clark FCPA, CEO, Executive Director